New technologies aim to make 3-D cameras easier to use

On the right is a 3D image with auto-exposure control. A Purdue University team has created technology to make 3D cameras easier to use. Credit: Song Zhang/Purdue University

A 3-D camera should be as easy to use as one found on a smartphone.

That is the guiding principle for a Purdue University professor with more than two decades of experience in the 3-D imaging field, who has developed new technologies aimed at making 3-D cameras easier to use.
Song Zhang, a professor of mechanical engineering in Purdue’s College of Engineering, led a team to create technologies to help compress 3-D camera files and automate focus and exposure settings.
“We have come a long way with high-end 3-D camera technology,” Zhang said. “But using the technology still almost always requires a great deal of training. We want to create technologies to make 3-D cameras easier to use for everyone…

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