Europe-Russia delay mission to find life on Mars

The Mars mission has recently been marred by a series of technical problems and delays

A joint Russian-European expedition to find life on Mars has been postponed for two years, the Russian and European space agencies said Thursday, citing the novel coronavirus and multiple technical issues.

The unmanned ExoMars, whose mission is to land a robot on the Red Planet to seek out signs of life, was scheduled to launch later this year after experiencing several delays. But even that has proved too difficult.
“We have made a difficult but well-weighed decision to postpone the launch to 2022,” said Dmitry Rogozin, head of Russia’s Roscosmos agency.
Officials at the European and Russian spaces agencies said they agreed to delay the mission until August or September 2022 to carry out further tests.
Following recommendations by European and Russian inspectors, “ExoMars experts…

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