Graphene amplifier unlocks hidden frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum

Light in the THz frequencies hits the ‘sandwich’ and is reflected with additional energy. Credit: Loughborough University

Researchers have created a unique device which will unlock the elusive terahertz wavelengths and make revolutionary new technologies possible.

Terahertz waves (THz) sit between microwaves and infrared in the light frequency spectrum, but due to their low-energy scientists have been unable to harness their potential.
The conundrum is known in scientific circles as the terahertz gap.
Being able to detect and amplify THz waves (T-rays) would open up a new era of medical, communications, satellite, cosmological and other technologies.
One of the biggest applications would be as a safe, non-destructive alternative to X-rays.
However, until now, the wavelengths—which range between 3mm and 30μm—have proved impossible to utilise due to relatively weak…

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