Why the health benefits of cycling to work outweigh the risk of injury

By Layal Liverpool

On balance, cycling is good for youSturti/Getty ImagesPeople who cycle to work in the UK have a higher risk of injury-related hospitalisation, according to a study published yesterday that led to headlines saying they are 50 per cent more likely to be injured. But don’t get off your bike – the study also found that the overall health benefits of cycling vastly outweigh the risks from injury.
This adds to a large body of evidence suggesting that cycling is extremely worthwhile, but people seem reluctant to start. Of the 230,390 UK commuters that participated in the study, only 2.5 per cent said cycling was their main method of commuting.
So why are people hesitating? As someone who cycles to work myself, a serious worry is the danger of getting into an accident – and I’m not alone. A 2015 UK government survey found that 64 per cent of people thought cycling on roads…

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