Half of people in the US would sell their genetic data for $95

By Jason Arunn Murugesu

How much is your genetic data worth to you?Jochen Tack / AlamyAs consumer genetic testing has risen in popularity, awareness of the value of genetic data has lagged behind. A survey of people in the US has found that 50 per cent would hand over their genetic data for $95 (£70), on average.
Forrest Briscoe at Pennsylvania State University and his colleagues surveyed more than 2000 people about the use of genetic data, which can be stored in databases for police use, at direct-to-consumer genetic test firms, and for medical research.
“I really felt like we needed updated information about how the public views these databases,” says Briscoe. “They are growing quickly, in number and size, but the information being used to inform design and governance is outdated.”


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