Westworld season 3 review: Five-star TV where nothing is what it seems

By Emily Wilson

Westworld returns with season 3HBOThis is a spoiler-free review, or as spoiler free as possible, of the first four episodes of Westworld season three. It does contain spoilers for the first two seasons.
And we’re back! Back in a sumptuous world where nothing is what it seems and we never really know who anyone is, or why they are doing what they are doing, or whether they are free agents or merely robot slaves. And yet how lovely it is to be back.
This time the violent delights of Westworld continue to lead to violent ends, but they also lead to a bit less bafflement. I’m only four episodes in, but the storytelling this time seems to be more linear. Which for me, having spent a lot of season two going, “HUH?”, amounts to welcome respite.


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