Caldwell 60/61

Caldwell 60/61. Credit: NASA
This Hubble image shows two galaxies locked in a fateful embrace. Caldwell 60 (NGC 4038) and Caldwell 61 (NGC 4039) are known as the Ringtail or Antennae galaxies. At one time they were normal, sedate spiral galaxies similar to the Milky Way, but this galactic pair has spent the past few hundred million years sparring. This violent clash has ripped stars from their host galaxies to form a streaming arc between the two combatants. Wide-field views of the duo reveal long streamers of stars extending outward into space like a set of antennae, giving the duo their common nickname.

This video zooms through the nighttime sky into the constellation Corvus, then deeper into Hubble’s view of the Antennae galaxies. Brilliant blue star clusters, born in the collision, pepper the galaxies. Pinkish, glowing hydrogen gas surround star-birth regions glowing under the intense energy from newborn stars. Credit: NASA, ESA and G. Bacon (STScI); Acknowledgment: NASA,…

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