Ghost tales and grisly histories give 'haunted' buildings their scary appeal. Here's how


February 20, 2020 19:00:22

One expert says we believe some buildings are haunted because we’re not sure if bad things happened there or not. (Unsplash: Celina Albertz)

Watching TV in the front room with his relatives in 1997, Pete Dignum remembers hearing a sound “almost like bells ringing” coming from the back of the house.

Key points:One history lecturer, who describes himself as a sceptic, says he treats ghost tales with respectHe’s researching how sites with a dark history, such as jails and old psychiatric hospitals, develop a reputation as being hauntedA US psychology professor says old places can present us with “ambiguous information” that makes it unclear whether we should feel threatened or not
“Along the hallway there were loud, bass-drum-like thumps on the walls either side of us…

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