New mango variety

New mango varieties grown on a north Queensland farm have been given the taste test for the first time, with retail trials passing the first hurdle.

New Mango varieties key points

Key points:New mango varieties are being trialled by wholesalers and retailers at marketsCharacteristics include a redder colour, longer shelf life and smaller seed than varieties now availableThe aim is for 20 per cent of the crop to go to the export market
The breeds, known by their plant breeding codes NMBP 1243, 1201 and 4069 are potential successors to popular varieties, the Calypso, Honey Gold, R2E2 and Kensington Pride (KP) fruit.Young trees on farmer Brad Bowen’s orchard at Brandon, 60 kilometres from Townsville were among those to produce their first successful commercial crop.”We’re over the moon with with quality of the fruit, the flavour, the shelf life, all very positive,” he said.While the colours of the fruit are more heavily blushed, they strongly resemble the usually yellow-skinned…

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