Climate change is going to cause big problems for the antechinus, a marsupial that mates itself to death - Science News

Unfortunately for scientists, it’s almost irrelevant what fascinating new research they publish on the tiny antechinus, because headline-hungry journalists will almost always lead with its lethal sexual appetite.

Key points antechinus

Key points:Antechinus kept in warmer conditions weren’t able to adjust their metabolism as effectivelyWarming climate may make surviving winter more difficultAnimals that mate once and die may be especially vulnerable to big disturbances
Despite having many redeeming features, the Australian marsupial mouse is mostly famous because the males literally shag themselves to death during mating season.There are eye-witness accounts of male antechinus covered in sores, hair falling out, dragging themselves around looking for a female to mate with, toward the end of their two to three-week cataclysmic mating period.And as if it didn’t have enough on its plate already, researchers believe life is going to get much harder for the yellow-footed antechinus…

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