Scientists discover virus with no recognizable genes | Science

The Yaravirus (dark smudges) infects amoebae and has all novel genes.

J. Abrahão and B. La Scola/IHU-Marseille/Microscopy Center UFMG-Belo Horizonte

By Elizabeth PennisiFeb. 7, 2020 , 10:25 AM
Viruses are some of the most mysterious organisms on Earth. They’re among the world’s tiniest lifeforms, and because none can survive and reproduce without a host, some scientists have questioned whether they should even be considered living things. Now, scientists have discovered one that has no recognizable genes, making it among the strangest of all known viruses. But how many viruses do we really know? Another group has just discovered thousands of new viruses hiding out in the tissues of dozens of animals.

The finds…

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