Iran is preparing to launch a new scientific observation satellite in the “coming days”, the head of the country’s national space agency told AFP on Saturday.

Manufacture of the Zafar (Victory in Farsi) satellite “began three years ago with the participation of 80 Iranian scientists,” said Morteza Berari, without giving a date for the launch.
The 113-kilogram satellite will be launched by a Simorgh rocket 530 kilometres (329 miles) above the Earth, where it will make 15 orbits daily, said Berari.
The satellite was designed to remain operational for “more than 18 months”, he added.
Its “primary mission” will be collecting imagery, said Berari, who said Iran needed such data to study earthquakes, prevent natural disasters and develop its agriculture.
“It will be a new step for our country,” said Berari, noting that Iran had previously managed to place a satellite into orbit 250 km (155 miles) above the Earth.

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