Is this the year you’re going to run a marathon, cut out processed sugars and finally apply for that promotion you’ve been after?If only you had enough willpower or self-control to see that plan through, right?Wrong, according to clinical psychologist and adjunct professor at Georgetown University, Jelena Kecmanovic.”A big misconception [about willpower] is this idea that if I would just be harder on myself, if I could beat myself up more, if I whip myself into shape … everything will be fine,” Dr Kecmanovic said.”And yet almost all the data shows the opposite.”Self-compassion more important than disciplineRather, the research reveals that when you fall off the wagon — which you inevitably will, Dr Kecmanovic pointed out — showing yourself compassion is more helpful than beating yourself up about it.

What is willpower?

What is willpower?Willpower is your capacity to engage in behaviours which are consistent with your intentions.It comprises three aspects:Your ability to…

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