In a new study, astrophysicists have found a certain gamma-ray glow in the sky, known as unresolved gamma-ray background (yellow), to coincide with cosmic regions that contain a lot of matter (red). The correlation could lead to a better understanding of highly energetic astrophysical objects and dark matter. The gamma-ray map was created with nine years of data from the Fermi spacecraft, and the map showing the density of matter is based on one year of data from the Dark Energy Survey (DES). Credit: Daniel Gruen/SLAC/Stanford, Chihway Chang/University of Chicago, Alex Drlica-Wagner/Fermilab
Matching up maps of matter and light from the Dark Energy Survey and Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope may help astrophysicists understand what causes a faint cosmic gamma-ray glow.
Astrophysicists have come a step closer to understanding the origin of a faint glow of gamma rays covering the night sky. They found that this light is brighter in regions that contain a lot of matter and dimmer…

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