Picture of the single atom trap. In the ultra-high vacuum glass cell a single Rubidium atom is captured, which later will be entangled with a photon. Credit: C. Olesinski/LMU

Physicists at LMU, together with colleagues at Saarland University, have successfully demonstrated the transport of an entangled state between an atom and a photon via an optic fiber over a distance of up to 20 km—thus setting a new record.

Entanglement describes a very particular type of quantum state which is not attributed to a single particle alone, but which is shared between two different particles. It irrevocably links their subsequent fates together—no matter how far apart they are—which famously led Albert Einstein to call the phenomenon as “spooky action at a distance.” Entanglement has become a cornerstone of new technologies based on effects at the quantum level and is distribution…

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