Coronaviruses, one of a variety of
viruses that cause colds, have been making people cough and sneeze seemingly
forever. But occasionally, a new version infects people and causes serious
illness and deaths.

That is happening now with the coronavirus that has killed at least 26 people and sickened at least 900 since it emerged in central China in December. The World Health Organization is monitoring the virus’s spread to see whether it will turn into a global public health emergency (SN: 1/23/20).

Among the ill are two people in the
United States who contracted the virus during travels in China. A Chicago woman
in her 60s is the second U.S. case of the new coronavirus, the Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention confirmed January 24 in a news conference.

Officials are currently monitoring 63
people across 22 states for signs of the pneumonia-like disease, including
fever, cough and other respiratory symptoms. Of those people, 11 have tested
negative for the…

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